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Brian is a 5 time individual Regional qualifier who prides himself on his coaching‍‍‍ and athlete development. He has been CrossFitting at a high level longer than most affiliates have been open. Brian is committed to CrossFit and a healthy lifestyle. He is a loving husband to his wife Katie and a proud father to his daughter Ainsley and son Calvin. CrossFit Magna is an extension of his family.


Katie cannot imagine a life without CrossFit and yoga - they keep her balanced and feeling healthier than she ever has in her life. Katie loves the Cr‍‍‍ossFit community and believes it is one of the best communities in which to raise a family.  She enjoys sharing this with others through coaching and teaching yoga.

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Evan grew up in beautiful Ojai, California and started his journey in 2012 at CrossFit flagstaff. He quickly fell in love with it, and wanted to do it at a competitive level.  In 2014 he started coaching and programming for his dads gym. Helping people reach their goals in any capacity has been his biggest passion.  He has gotten to compete on many different stages; The California super regional and University Nationals for weightlifting. HE has also been able to coach in many different capacities; personal training, remote programming, sport specific training‍‍‍, and group classes. "I can truly say that I love everyday I get to help develop people in to a better version of themselves."

Darrel's athletic career started from the young age of 8 where he was involved in a number of athletics ranging from ball sports to running to aquatics - mainly being successful in Track and Field where he was a D1 recruit and Olympic Trialist‍‍‍.  ‍‍‍After an injury prevented Darrel's enrollment as a student-athlete at a PAC-12 school, he enlisted into the military to go through one of the Department of Defense's toughest Special Operations pipelines. Darrel went and found the parallel between strength & conditioning and the success that it brought to the fight against the bad guys - this is where his coaching and competition  career in CrossFit began.  Darrel was offered a job to be a subject matter expert (SME) for the CrossFit Seminar Staff and taught seminars all around the world - primarily specializing in endurance sports, programming, methodology, and movement recognition. After full emersion into the CrossFit realm, Darrel then opened up his own non-profit CrossFit affiliate in Southern New Mexico where he was stationed for just over three years before relocating to Phoenix.

Preslie is a Phoenix native who studied Nutrition with an emphasis in Communication at Arizona State University. After many years of volleyball and competitive body building, she found her true love of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting. She is passionate about teaching people how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and loves being involved in the CrossFit community.